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Signs You Are Facing Backflow Problems

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Signs You Are Facing Backflow Problems

Although it is a necessary part of home owning, no one enjoys having to deal with plumbing issues. The key to keeping your plumbing working properly is proper preventative maintenance and monitoring. One of the most concerning issues is backflow and the backup measures that are required to stop the problem. However, these issues can be easily avoided just by knowing what to look out for and how to perform proper maintenance. We want to give you the key signs to highlight to you if you are facing backflow problems so that you can properly and easily diagnose the situation with backflow prevention.

The Sniff Sniff Test – A few smells when you walk into the bathroom is quite normal, but it’s those very strong and sulphurous smells that linger are the ones you have to be careful about. These potent sulphurous smells can mean trouble on the line and could be a good indication that your lines are having a backflow problem. When things stink and stink badly, you know that there is something coming from deep within your drains.

Slow and Not So Steady Waterflow – There are two parts to this little problem. Part A is when you notice raising water levels in one part of the bathroom while levels in another area are decreasing there could be an issue. An example of this is the toilet water rising in your bowl as you use the sink. The reasons for this is that the water doesn’t flow properly which causes backups and they push through other sinks in the home. The Part B to this is that the drains just don’t drain properly or as quickly as they should.

Colour Changing – When you have backflow problems, you will most likely notice a change in the colour of water. Most often the water colour will change from clear to brown, but can also turn a shade of yellow and even pink depending on the problem.

Developing Pools Of Water – As you take a gaze outside your kitchen window, and you see the beautiful landscape you have worked so hard on in the back yard, but something is different…there seem to be small swimming pools dotted throughout your lawn. These little “swimming pools” can occur because of backflow issues with your pipes, typically (but not always) this occurs when your problem is more severe.

All of these smaller signs can help you avoid huge costly plumbing repairs, just so long as you are on top of things and catch the problem before it can wreak havoc on your home and wallet. If you have any doubts it is much more advisable you call your local plumbing professional in Murphy’s Plumbing and let us take a look. There are special cameras now that will allow your plumber to see the lines from the inside and properly diagnose the problem. As always remember it’s much better to catch the problem earlier rather than later.

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