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Blocked drain

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Blocked Drains

CCTV Camera Drain Inspection

Blocked drains are more than just a minor inconvenience. They can lead to some serious long term problems, such as flooding, over flow into your home, and even permanent damage to your homes foundations. Murphy’s Plumbing has a number of solutions for blocked drains of every level. We can unblock your drain or toilet using a High Pressure Water Jet, Rigid k-1500 Electric Machines, Electric Hand Spinners, and Closet Augers to clear your blocked toilet.

Types of Sewer Blockages

Our qualified specialists have a wide range of specific equipment to deal with sewer blockages. Blockages in household pipes can be really tough to deal with, as they stop wastewater from leaving your property. Having difficulty flushing your toilet or having water that drains very slowly could be some signs of blockage. We also clear storm water blockages. If you think there is a blockage or if your sewer is blocked and is flooding your property, please give us a call as soon as possible.

Blocked Drains Common Causes

Sewers are designed to eliminate waste water, toilet tissue, and human waste. Everything else should go in the bin. However, blockages do happen, and there are a few common culprits. Many blockages can be caused by cooking fat and oil spilled into the sink which can form a thick layer around the sewer pipe after some time and after they have congealed. This can cause a serious back up in the sewer. Wet wipes and sanitary items can also contribute to some serious blockages.

Drain Camera

Putting a CCTV camera in the drains can help to successfully locate the the cause of the blockage problem and any other potential problem areas. This strategy is especially useful when there is the possibility of a broken or collapsed drain. Our experienced CCTV Drain Survey Team can discover the exact nature and origin of the problem in a short timeframe, allowing minimal to no disruption to the home or business owner. They will also provide you with the opportunity to view the inspection while it is happening as well as a DVD of the drain inspection at your request.